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Kuari Pass


“Standing at the Kuari Pass facing north, the vision sweeps from the gorges of Trishul in the east to the peaks of Kedarnath in the west - the Kedarnath, Chaukhamba, Nilkantha, Kamet, Gauri Parbat, Hathi Parbat, Nandadevi, Bethartoli, Dunagiri - all arranged in a stupendous arc … Southwards the foothills stretch wave upon wave on to the dim haze of the distant plains”. Lord Curzon went upto the Kuari Pass in 1905. So the trek is called Curzon Road.

One can approach the Pass from Tapovan via Khulara, or Joshimath via Auli, Gorson, Chitrakantha; or Joshimath via Mrig, Tugasi, Khulara. All the above three treks meet at Gailgarh, only 5 kms. north of Kuari Khal (Pass). From the south the Pass can be reached from Ghat via Ramni but is longer than the other three, of which the Tapovan route is the shortest (21 kms.). Auli and Gorson Bugyals are charming meadows and the nature - lovers prefer to use this route for outward trek and return by Tapovan route. The Ghat route is favourite with trekkers. The entire area is rich in exotic flora and fauna besides primitive jungles with associated hazards.

The beautiful range of Delisera is only a day’s trek from the Kuari Pass. It presents a spectacular sight. On the far side of it is the Nandadevi Sanctuary. Snow on the range is visible till about August when it melts entirely and await the next winter.