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Hemkund Sahib


Situated at a height of over 15,000 feet above the sea level in the Himalayan ranges of district Chamoli , Sri Hemkunt Sahib has emerged as a popular centre of Sikh Pilgrimage which is visited by thousands of devotees from all over the world every summer. Hemkund is inaccessible because of snow from October through April.

The take-off point for Hemkund is the town of Govindghat about 275 kilometres from Rishikesh. The 13 kilometres trek is along a reasonably well maintained path to the village of Ghangaria. There is another Gurudwara where pilgrims can spend the night. In addition there are a few hotels and a campground with tents and mattresses. A 1,100-metre (3,600 ft)climb on a 6-kilometre of stone paved path leads Hemkund. There are no sleeping arrangements at Hemkund so it is necessary to leave by 2 pm to make it back to Govindghat by nightfall.